IKon India Sports and Cultural Foundation

It is an institution whose main aim to reach the highest level of excellence to honor the personalities for their contribution in different disciplines and their tremendous achievements during the time.

We are committed to support those who has an unfathomable knowledge of the sphere but could not get the right platform or opportunity to exhibit the talent. We will search for such talents across the country and provide them proper knowledge, guidance, direction, and institution.

Ikon India admire nation’s diverse culture, belief & values. We will ensure that these values and belief which prevailed as a strength in India’s talented personalities from the various field like Politics, Poetry, Literature, Scientist, Actor, Actress, Sportsman, Soldiers & medals recipients, should get passed as a legacy to country’s young generation. 

Our objective is to organize cultural & sports competition to identify hidden talents of India, acknowledge them and provide opportunities along with financial support, so that their journey to become an IKON does not stop at any point.


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